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I Want Candy

So I got the unfortunate job of handing out the candy this year. Lucky for me not too many kids showed up. There were some funny moments. One kid was dressed up as a beer bottle. I asked him if he thought he should be 21 yrs old before dressing up like that. With a momentary pause, his comrades replied "no". And one other kid was covered up in what appeared to be some sort of gift wrap. He could barely say "trick or treat". I asked him what he was supposed to be. He said he was a rock. I said "cool", he lit up and said "thanks". How unique.

Anyways, I have to fit some sort of rant in this post. There were about a dozen or so babies out trick-or-treating. Some of them their parents had to hold them, knock on the door, speak for them, and accept their candy. There were others who just stood there dumbfounded and barely able to move. And one was more fascinated with my blue bowl than the candy I gave him. So, what's with that? Is candy so important that parents have to drag their 3 year old kids out in this cold? Is this (foolish) tradition really that fundamental to a child's youth? I don't know. And although I've never gone door-to-door begging for cheap candy, I don't condemn those who do. I just think parents can think of better ways for their younger kids to have fun. Especially when they don't have a clue about what's going on.


  • Mike on November 2, 2004 ~ 12:00 AM

    he took his bastard child out trick-o'-treatin' a few yrs back. ask tai. dey knocked on his door…