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Hurry Up and Wait

So I went to my jury selection today and I can summarize it into one phrase: "Hurry Up and Wait". Got there on time, but they didn't open the door for a while. Then we herded into the room and checked in and just sat. And sat. I think I looked out the window. And sat. Finally they told us there were 10 cases on the docket and the judges were determining which will require jurors. After that message I sat some more. I passed my boredom by watching other people's eyes. Most were annoyed that the two grannies were talking up a storm about their cats and grandkids. But they too, sat. Some men eyed the attractive red head near the window. And then a lot of people were debating whether or not to drink the free coffee that was provided. (Well at least that's what I think their eyes were indicating.) I was trying to get a glimpse at the older asian lady who was up in the first row with her laptop, I'm not 100% sure but she had this strong resemblance to one of my previous bosses. I couldn't figure it out. So after sitting and listening to different cell phone tones, the two judges finally walked in. This was it, moment of truth. None of the 10 cases were going to need jurors. Man. Should I be upset or relieved? Whole afternoon wasted. Oh well.

So the important question is now: Am I gonna get paid my $12.50?

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  • Mike on December 15, 2004 ~ 01:01 AM

    no pay. take my advice and stick to Da Man next time. dont go…