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Grilled to Perfection

Someone I know once worked at a hardware store and during the summer a few years ago, like any other summer, there were gas grills on sale. So he convinced his father to buy one. His father apparently thought they were a bit too pricey but after some negotiation and discounting, a sale was finally made.

The grill was rather large so I helped him out to transport it and assemble it. Overall it appeared to be a fine product without any serious problems. However upon inspection by his father, he noticed a tiny dent on the lower storage tray. Although not visible unless closely examined, his father found it unacceptable and rather blemished for the price he paid. Functionally, the unit was perfect. Anyways he went back to the store to see if he could get a replacement storage tray or some sort of compensation. Fortunately for him they were able to order one free of charge.

Some weeks later, the replacement tray arrived. After picking it up and showing it to his father both of them were finally satisfied. To conclude the matter his father told him: "Good! Now keep this good tray in storage and leave the dented tray on the grill."

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  • Shekhar Sherikar on September 17, 2006 ~ 09:09 AM

    That goes a good length to show the value that people of that generation had for things and hard earned money.