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Greed, Infidelity, Vengeance, and Stupidity

I very much enjoyed watching Matchstick Men, with Nicolas Cage as a brilliant con artist. One of the more truthful aspects of the movie was how con men always appeal to greed in their victims. Everyone's a fool, but when put forth the offer of "something for nothing", the weekminded (read: "greedy") become a fool's fool.

So on the rare occasions I listen to the radio on thursday mornings, I sometimes catch War of The Roses on 95.5 (honestly, only when nothing else is on). The concept of the show is spouses/significant-others (usually women) call into the radio station to try to determine probable infidelity from their partner. The station then calls the partner in question (usually men) with an offer for a free dozen roses. Yes, completely free ... something for nothing. If they send to their current partner they "pass", if not they get hell.

So what's my problem with this? It's been noted that a third to a half of spouses cheat - a disgusting but common attribute of American society. What gets me is the actual people who partake in this rather unethical method of determining what they think is "truth". Communication is so foreign to them that they resort to airing their personal matters on the live radio. Some of the humiliated men don't take it well. Of course nothing is really proven, it's only fuel to the fire (aka: ratings baby!!!). Even then, those stupid enough to cheat and to accept the flower offer deserve little sympathy. ... The accusers (women) always seems so justified in their actions regardless of the outcome. If the potential philanderers (men) pass this trial, they pathetically act like the ordeal was no big deal and even at times apologize. Huh? Their so-called loved one decided to use the public radio to ascertain this tidbit of knowledge and everyone is happier? Ummm ... only in the U.S.

So what do I conclude from this? Women are vengeful and men are stupid? Is that what you read? No it's simpler than that. ... By the way I was tempted to title this post "Being American", but being so close to July 4rth, I think this title was more appropriate.

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  • Mike on July 29, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    ta believe da stats ya hear comin' from da media. e.g.: iz not tru dat “50% of marriages end in divorce.”

  • Mauriat Miranda on July 30, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    Timeless words of Homer: Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that. … Yeah, well I understand you can’t take statistics at face value, but c’mon. I don’t use that as a basis for my opinion, rather it just reinforces it. The state of monogamous relationships in the United States is just plain pathetic!

  • Mike on August 2, 2004 ~ 05:05 AM

    how many couples end up divorced?

  • Mauriat Miranda on August 2, 2004 ~ 09:09 AM

    I’d hardly call it research, but last I read I recall it was teetering between 40-50%. Although I’m unclear what that means exactly. Ironically I also remember reading it had reduced over the past 10-20 years. … Anyways the original point was more to do with infidelity, not so much divorce.