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Gmail Invites: Take 1

Okay, I'm giving out Gmail invites. I know most people probably already have one by now. However if you're still desperately searching or you don't know any geeky friends, you're welcome to get one from me. Get 'em while they're hot!

Don't reply to this post. Just use my contact link on the side.

9/7: Still have a bunch.

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  • Mike on August 31, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    now dat “e’ry1 & dey mammas” got an invite for an acct. iz no longer a prized possession, now dat is so commonplace…

  • Mauriat Miranda on September 7, 2004 ~ 08:20 PM

    Apparently there is still a bit of craze. From the Netherlands…

    Finally! Please, the torment has to stop! I’m beeing forced to watch ?Legally

    Blonde" against my will while i’m trying out FedoraC2 … So far i’m not sure

    its better then Yoper tho. Ease my pain, give me webmail!

    … and get this one from Sweden:

    i am the president of nigeria. Some weeks ago i was owerthrown by rebellions and

    they have locked my inbox. if u send me a gmail account i can use it to unlock

    it and sen you several thousand g-mail invites.

    ps: my capslock bytton is broken, otherwise i use all important caps all the



  • Mauriat Miranda on September 29, 2004 ~ 09:21 PM

    From the london, uk…
    hey, just wundering if u had anymore gmail invites - i would create my own
    religion for you if you do.. reply soon cheers.