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Free Licenses for Opera 8

Okay, if you haven't heard already, Opera is giving out free licenses for their browser in celebration of their 10 year birthday. I didn't even know they were around for so long. Anyways, I went to their website yesterday and I got a free license. Now the absolute cooincidence is that back in April I heard that they would give out a free license for anyone who could refer 250 people to download their browser (hence the little ad on my site) -- which I thought would be very easy. Anyways, I got an email last night that I had finally referred the required 250 downloads and hence I got a free license. This was only hours after I got a free license from their birthday party website.

What timing. Anyways, I still stand by my original opinion, in that I hope this helps spread another browser into the marketplace and thusly producing a better WWW for all.

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