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Exclusive Diversity

Yet another pesky double standard in uber-liberal Ann Arbor gets the verdict from a judge. At the city's largest public high school, a so called "Diversity Week" in 2002 excluded a student with a dissenting opinion to participate in a forum, sparking a lawsuit. Recently, a federal judge criticized the school and compared their actions to Nazi Germany. A final ruling is expected in a week.

Here's the thing that I find interesting. The school district allowed the Gay-Straight Alliance to hold a forum titled "Homosexuality and Religion" which included 6 religious leaders. Yes, religious topics inside a public school. What bothers me is that groups like the ACLU will instantly threaten suit against the first (Christian) student who prays at a school sporting event, but somehow a whole week of religious topics can be presented without anyone giving some tripe about (the so called) seperation of church and state? It should be really easy for 6 clerics to go for a week without mentioning God on school grounds (yes I'm being facetious).

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