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I once heard a narrative depicting the difference between Heaven and Hell. In Hell there exists a large banquet with the finest of foods and plenty for all. Every soul was seated at this magnificent table and provided spoons to eat. However since every spoon was too long, no one was able to feed themself since they could not bring the food to their mouth. In Heavan there exists the same table with the same spoons. However no one was left hungry. Why? Because they all feed eachother.

It bothers me how many people fail to realize what they already have or develop the justification that they deserve more for themselves. I'm not saying that people shouldn't improve their lives, on the contrary, it is a laudable goal. More specifically I think I'm trying to say that one makes his own heavan ... and one makes his own hell.

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  • Tai on November 10, 2003 ~ 04:16 PM

    I heard the exact same story back in elementary school, but if i remember correctly our white priest used “chopsticks” instead of “spoons”… go figure. I do agree more or less with one making his own heaven/hell, however many implicit factors contribute to an individuals life that are often out of his control. Although far and few, those factors still exists.