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The last 4 days were stressful on me and my family. Every now and then, an event comes along and it is no one's fault, but everyone must help out. And sometimes you know that no matter what you do, you really can't change anything. You can get frustrated or admit "cest la vie" and get over it. I would like to think I opt for the latter, but I've done my fair share of brooding too. I guess the question that always puzzles me is do I control my life, or does it control me?

No man is an island. Whether or not I like to admit it, outside factors play a significant role in my life. How do I live with that? I'm not exactly sure.

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  • Tai on August 6, 2003 ~ 12:12 PM

    Many people let their lives consume them not because they don’t control their life, but instead they don’t control themselves. It’s quite difficult when external factors influence you so much, but letting those external factors burden you emotionally is your own doing. First control yourself, then you’ll be able to control life.

  • Mauriat Miranda on August 6, 2003 ~ 08:20 PM

    The ironic thing is that I’ve always thought I had a great deal of self control in my actions (ask my brothers). In some ways I thought that hardships and difficulties would teach me discipline. And it has for the most part. But it sounds to me as if you mean that I should simply not care about certain things? I do see the wisdom in your Vulcan-like logic, however I don’t think that your suggestion would lead to more control over my life.

  • Tai on August 12, 2003 ~ 06:18 PM

    I think I was a bit ambiguous w/ my response. I’m not exactly saying not to care about certain things, because that would be lying to yourself. I guess what I was saying was to not let those things affect you and hinder you’re trying to accomplish in the long run.

  • Mike on August 17, 2003 ~ 12:00 AM

    wat xactly r u unhappy about? ur daily activities? stuff u need to put up with? r ur stresses internal or xternal? r dey predicated on bad habits? or r u simply a victim of circumstance? how many options have u xplored dat will ameliorate ur situation?

  • Mauriat Miranda on August 17, 2003 ~ 07:19 PM

    I would prefer the word “discontent” over “unhappy”. It is mostly stuff I put up with and the stress from those things. I would categorize majority of them as external. I guess it is the struggle between what I want vs. what I can get, and how my environment influences the conflict. I don’t want to play the victim but I feel as though I’m on the losing side. I try very hard to find more satisfaction in what I do and to fight the things that weigh me down.

    Sorry for the ambiguity, but mentioning specifics in public might not be in my best interest.