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Election 2006

I have received at least a dozen different automated calls telling me to vote for someone. Majority after I voted. So much for Do-Not-Call.

Anyways, this is the second draft of this post. Originally I had planned to explain my reasoning for the candidates and state proposals for which I had voted. I did vote earlier today, but after I did, I realized that my reasoning does not make much difference for others to read. The bottom line is that common sense and rational thought does NOT prevail in politics. It is up to the voters to do that. I want to emphasize how incredibly devisive and partisan this country has become. To affiliate with anything seems to imply close-mindedness. I don't know how to combat that ignorance.

I did vote for change and balance. We'll see tomorrow if it makes a difference.

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  • Merricko on November 8, 2006 ~ 02:02 AM

    Dude… its 3:23am.. as I sit here in the Computer Science Building on North Campus.. I found my "I Voted" sticker stuck to my bumm bumm. I thought it was funny. HAHA.


  • thug chigga on November 9, 2006 ~ 10:22 PM

    cuz ur single vote is virtually neva gonna make da difference…