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Eggs, Soap and Toilet Paper Invitation

We chose not to give out candy this year. I wish people understood the rules that no lights means no candy. Which means, don't keep knocking on the frickin door! Anyways, I didn't feel particularily festive this year and I wasn't in the mood to hop back and forth between the door and some cheap candy that I wouldn't enjoy eating myself. Oh well.

For the most part my views from last year still hold. To parents: Don't force your 3 year old to beg for candy. To teens: Grow up already. Get a job and buy your own candy. And if you do plan to trick-or-treat, then please put on a costume and hide the fact that you're almost 20. To the kids: Be careful and follow the rules. And be polite already.

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  • Mike on November 10, 2005 ~ 01:01 AM

    tho i used ta go trick-or-treatin' back as a young’un. i stopped when i was ~12, if memory serves. wat i dont like is my doorbell bein' rang all da live long day, as if iz possessed. plus dese punk kids w/ der chicken-pox germs askin' “beggin'” for candy. now dat i’m in china, i aint gotta worry bout dis. yay for me…