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Direction Maybe?

Well, no serious entries lately. I guess I've been busy, or rather putting some serious time "investment" into myself. What does that mean exactly? Please ask. ... Anyways, I'm on a definite up swing. I don't want to jinx it, but then, I seriously doubt that's possible. Simply because I don't feel like it's luck entirely, more like comeupance.

Anyways, of the many things I dabble with or get myself involved with, one of them was bound to get a little more attention than the others. So now what do I do with all the other things I started? I guess this is a test of priorities. So maybe after a reassessment of my priorities, some sort of direction may evolve. Or maybe I'll see something I missed before.

Don't you just love my ambiguity? Well all I can say is that there is a little less uncertainty in my life.

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