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"Damn the Snow"

You know what I could really use right now? I could use a Damn-the-Snow Cocktail. This month has given Michigan too much snow. All the shovelling has given my back enough to complain about for the next month. Can't somebody sue someone, or can't they pass some law about this? Where is American justice when you need it? Oh well.

But seriously, come December everybody is excited to see snow for the holiday season. A little while later, all the cheer turns to dread. Snow is depressing, and a ton of it is, well, a ton more depressing. It forms walls around homes and the sidewalks become narrow passages. It feels a lot like you're being held captive, and I for one don't need to feel anymore trapped. But it melts away, at least I know that.

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  • Mike on February 5, 2004 ~ 06:06 AM

    1 thing i luv bout movin' out is: not havin' ta do any chores! like shoveling dat crystalized white crap…