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Corporate Right to Existence

I guess the great big news in the internet world today is that the United States Supreme Court ruled against the makers of Grokster, a popular file sharing program. Basically if anyone makes something that promotes copyright infringement, then they can be held liable. Now I don't care to discuss the merits of this case. The bottom line, for me, is that I do not see anything wrong in someone actively sueing people who intentionally violate copyrights. However I am at odds with the methods of enforcement. But even then, that's not what is the most troubling thing for me.

I read on one news article that the Recording and Motion Picture Industries feel that their very existence is being threatened by things like file sharing networks. I don't see what law or what God deemed that the existence of such corporations is absolute? And the fact of the matter is that their "very existence" is not even being remotely challenged: it is their dominance. You cannot be on top forever.

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