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Coerced Civic Duty

For a while I thought it wouldn't come, but sadly it did. Yes, I have been told to report for jury duty. My brother told me that indicating "Engineer" for Profession on the questionnaire would probably get me excluded. No such luck.

I know it's my duty and all, but the inconvenience of missing work makes it something I dread. You know, if I'm well educated and employed and don't want to do it, then is it a good thing for an uneducated or unemployed person wanting to do it for the $25/day? Hmmm ... makes you wonder in whose hands "justice" resides. Coerced? Perhaps. Any better way to do it? I don't think do.


  • Mike on November 21, 2004 ~ 11:23 PM

    i thought it was a measly $8/day (plus free meals). i guess dat shows u my utility function of money… ;-)