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Case of Mistaken Identity

Over the past two days I've been getting weird emails intended for somebody else. Now I wouldn't normally think too much of this, but these were unique. I think all 3 people who emailed me were looking for uniquely different persons.

The first one was an invitation to give an audition for a presentation on some sort of abstract skill for a Princeton Review session in Dallas, TX. Things like "cooking bread", "how to order food in french" or "finer points in annoying people". or Since it was only a mock session, I didn't need to have anything special prepared. ... Now, we all know how many abstract skills I can teach, but right now I'm not prepared to take time to visit Texas.

The second one was from someone in florida who wanted to make sure my kids and I had a good time in Germany. His interesting parenting recommendaion was to make sure they watch Pulp Fiction. Mmmm, I'm in the mood for a "Royale with Cheese". ... Achtung! You have the wrong email.

And the third (for now) was an aspiring Latina model from Chile who sent me her resume and some samples from her portfolio hoping for some work. Seriously! I'm NOT making this stuff up. Anyways, she was decently attractive. It took me sometime to translate the spanish, but in the end, my professional opinion was that modelling is NOT the way to go. ... I may tell her that someday, if I ever learn spanish.

So even if the email isn't for you, it doesn't make it spam. Sometimes reading someone else's mail might just give you that laugh you were looking for.

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  • Jeff Schiller on September 29, 2005 ~ 11:11 AM

    That’s weird, I got a bunch of ones directed to me as well. No links or any suspicious aspects to them, just seems like mail that was meant for someone else. The latest came this morning telling me to get my motorcross bike so we can race. I wonder if it’s some new form of spam that works by hoping to get someone to reply and thus prove that the email address is still legitimate and that the person reads his mail…

    Or maybe that’s just my paranoia creeping up again.

  • Mauriat Miranda on September 29, 2005 ~ 12:12 PM

    Okay, now you really got me wondering. The first incident was over 2 emails, so I felt it was my duty to reply to her and tell her, because it was cc’d to a handful of people and it seemed like a legitimate error. The 2nd one was from some student or university staff and it seemed like a real email that I myself might write, so I replied to him also. Now the third, it came with LOTS of pictures and a CV(resume), I would have replied but didn’t with the language barrier and all. … I really don’t know how this could be suspicious, but at the same time, how could 3 diff people mistake me for 3 diff people within 2 days? …. Guess I’ll have to dig through X-Originating-IP, SMTP relays and all that good stuff - just to be sure.