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Blog Tones

A girl from Belgium I met on the internet said she hated blogs. Why? Because she thought they were just the current fad. Although I know she was wrong, I do agree that the vast majority of subject matter in most blogs is inconsequential. Outside of technology related and politics related blogs, the remaining multitude are "personal diaries". I am a fan of these diaries, no matter how asinine or fickle they come across. I say this only because each of these particular blogs present a "tone". I think that the tone presented exhibits a characteristic of the author. And that's what intrigues me. The idiots out there will write pointless things, the narrow minded will write self serving analyses and the sincere will be just that, sincere.

Blog tones reveal something, however insignificant, about the author. Without trying to sound conceited, I'm curious what people who read this think it reveals about me.

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  • merrick miranda on March 8, 2004 ~ 11:23 PM

    well i dont need to read this to think your the biggest dork wad! but hey it helps!

  • Mauriat Miranda on March 9, 2004 ~ 12:00 AM

    Of course you know which category your blog falls under … Who still uses “dork wad” anyways?

  • Mike on March 18, 2004 ~ 02:02 AM

    is geek. which doesnt have da negative connotation it used ta have. sorta like “pimp.”

  • Mauriat Miranda on March 18, 2004 ~ 08:08 AM

    I think you just reaffirmed his assertion.