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Bigger Than You

A crazy man from Athens once exclaimed "life is bigger, It's bigger than you, And you are not me". I have a personal belief that everyone on this planet knows that there is something bigger than them. And I think that each one of us long to be part of that "bigness" in some way. Our reasons may vary but the intent is there.

I see this in religion, following God or a faith. Or in people who take up humanitarian or social causes. In most cases, I see this in a positive way. Those who can see beyond themselves have a higher tendancy to go out and help others. And they do. No matter how annoying all those protests or donation requests are, somewhere in them lies a conviction that there is a greater good.

On the the other hand, I worry when things (or people) get marginalized. Sometimes a cause is placed above all others. And sometimes an individual may come to beleive that his or her value is insignificant compared to the "greater good". Throw in a little desperation and their can be some perverse results.

So what to do? (Besides writing silly blog entries about it) The usual, I guess: think, understand, react. I know it's not that simple. I just hope that whatever is bigger than you doesn't devalue or destroy what's bigger than someone else.

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  • Mike on April 4, 2004 ~ 07:07 AM

    unless we can come to some consensus for an evaluation function of aggregate worldwide utility…