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Band Aid 20

I just watched the video for Band-Aid 20, which was the 20 yr anniversary of the original Band-Aid done for hunger relief in Africa in 1984. And I must say, not as good as the original. More modern and has some younger faces, but I doubt as successful as the first one.

The little rap segment in their seems very much out of place and the singing styles don't fit too well. And the Bono lyric, that we was so insistent about, isn't anything spectacular. But I tell you what's killer, there's a segment where the performers are all watching starving children in Africa on a big screen. And all I can think is: "Are they intentionally trying to torture themselves?". Very odd, but moving (read depressing) at the same time.

Well, anyways, I hope it does raise money for the poor children in Africa. Even the worst off people in this country can find help, but those people there, well I can't imagine. (I hope you music pirates feel guilty for downloading that song!).

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