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Anti-Semitic Google

I don't know how to say it in any other words. Sometimes people are stupid. Apparently Google is now anti-semitic:

MEGA SEARCH engine Google has been hit by complaints that its search engine is anti-Semitic.

It all started when Steven Weinstock, a New York real estate investor and former yeshiva student, did a Google search on “Jew”.

The first site he got was Jew Watch, which looks at alleged Jewish conspiracies, Nazi literature and other anti-Semitic topics, under headings such as “Jewish Controlled Press” and “Hitler on the Jews?

Weinstock has launched an online petition asking Google to remove the site from its index.

Given such scientific methods of analyzing internet search engines, as of this moment, I find that Google (in addition to being against Jews) is probably also against the DMCA, against the war in Irag, against gay marriages, against the war on drugs and thinks that George W. Bush is a miserable failure.

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  • Mike on April 9, 2004 ~ 05:17 PM

    cuz a search fo' “thug chigga” doesnt bring up my xanga site no mo'! dis is a sad day indeed…