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Affirmative Analogies

A conservative student group at the Southern Methodist University put together an "Affirmative Action" bake sale, where students were charged different rates for their gender and race. Apparently the university wasn't thrilled. As I recall the fine students at the University of Michigan were the first to try this. Even though that didn't sit well with the (over represented) liberal student body, it did not result in any problems. The interesting fact is that in a conservative state such as Texas, with a generally conservative student body such as SMU, it caused a notable uproar.

I prefer these aproaches to protests against Affirmative Action over the obnoxious, rude and sometimes violent protests for it.

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  • Mike on October 1, 2003 ~ 09:21 PM

    cuz iz fundamentally flawed! if peeps just worry ‘bout thuggin’ on, dey gonna be aiite…

  • Mauriat Miranda on October 2, 2003 ~ 12:12 PM

    It’s not about what you protest, rather how you protest. Attention is what always wins.