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A Traditional Thanksgiving

Well another Thanksgiving came to a close. I often wonder what "tradition" means when it comes to this particular holiday. For the past 5 years or so, every Thanksgiving has been wildly different from the previous. While I'm not saying that it is a "bad" thing, it always makes me feel ambivalent before the day and quite relieved after. This year was no different.

If I could pick one common thing about Thanksgiving when I was growing up, it would have to be that there was almost as much arguing as there was laughter. Of course, this is nothing unusual when you have so many family members, friends, kids, in-laws and out-laws all competing for some attention and sweat potato - at the same time.

I know I could try harder to get along or just relax a little. I could never understand, as a kid, why everybody couldn't just have a grand merry time? And now as an adult, I'm often amazed at the times that we all do get along. Even though I get accused of being a "downer" at times, I think I fulfilled my quota of laughter for this holiday. ... Now if only I could stop thinking about next year.

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  • Jeff Schiller on December 1, 2008 ~ 09:21 PM

    "Sweat potatoes". I don't think I've ever heard of a grosser term :P

  • Nisha on December 24, 2008 ~ 10:22 PM

    Merry Christmas! :-)