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A New Year, Same People

Five days into the new year and just like everyone else I've made my list of resolutions that I'll soon to disregard. I guess its good that people take a moment to realize the mistakes they've made over the past year and set some goals to address those problems now. However in reality, we are still the same people. Just a few days shouldn't make a difference in what we can or cannot accomplish. I think instead of saying "this year I will not do something...", we should be saying "by the next year I will accomplish something...". Change is gradual.

I have about 7 resolutions. None of them are to stop a bad habit, but most of them are to cultivate better habits. But I'm not looking to make up for all my shortcomings, but rather just a chance to redeem myself. Myself, the same person I've always been.

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  • Mike on January 5, 2004 ~ 10:22 PM

    r such a waste of time. jan 1st is such a trivial date. life does not tick by da beat of da gregorian calendar…