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A Man With Money

They were selling pizza for lunch in the cafeteria today. When they announced it on the intercom system, my Indian co-worker came running to my cubicle section to ask my team member for some money. Then seeing me, he said "Hey! Mauriat has got to have some money on him, he's not married!". We all laughed. He was right, on both cases.

So then the day seemed to go on pretty long, I've been trying to work one issue out and was getting some help. A while after I would normally leave, my co-worker says to me that I can go home and that he'll work on it. I stayed knowing he was helping me not the other way around. I replied to him: "Don't worry. My wife won't complain and my kids won't miss me." We all laughed. And everyone looked at me and said "I wish I were you!" Hmmm ... not so sure on that one. I'm not saying I want either of those 2 things right now, but I do wish I had something more to look forward to, when I go home ... Money is good, but I know that some things are better.

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  • Tai on January 24, 2005 ~ 03:15 PM

    they call it “income” for a reason. cuz after u have in come, then in comes the car, in comes gadgets, and in comes the honey. So you’ve completed step one. how you pursue step two is completely up to you.

  • Jeff Schiller on January 25, 2005 ~ 02:14 PM

    Trust me, Mauriat, the grass is always greener… a wife & family is great, no question and is probably one of the most rewarding things, but personal ambition often gets laid to the side as they take up a lot of your extra time (as well as money). Anyway, don’t be in such a rush to get it all, enjoy your time being single - hit some clubs on the weekend, stay out until sunrise the next day, hang out with your friends, go to a coffee shop on the weekend with a wifi laptop and geek out, go on a trip somewhere - whatever, just make sure you enjoy this time because any other time like it is a LOOOONG way off…

  • Mauriat Miranda on January 25, 2005 ~ 06:18 PM

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m not sure what I truly enjoy, and now I question whether or not the things I desire (material or otherwise) will bring any contentment at all.

  • Mike on January 26, 2005 ~ 01:01 AM

    here in chiggaland, da dept stores r organized thusly: floors 1 thru X-1 (where X = total # of floors) r women’s clothing/items. floor X is da men’s floor. my hypothesis as to y it is dis way: goal is to have da women spend all of da hubby’s loot. by da time she’s done, no need ta go to da Xth floor. if men’s items were on da 1st floor, da woman wouldnt have (enough) spending $ for herself. sad, but tru…