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A Little 8-Ball

I think the last time I shot some pool was with my brothers and cousin at U of I in Chicago last year. Knowing my dearth of pool skills, I took up Mike on his offer to give me some pointers. We played a few games at the Union pool room last night. He's good, no debate, but what impressed me was it took only a few minor observations and suggestions to significantly improve my game. Learning the proper posture and form were probably the single most important things I walked away with. Aiming, cutting, splitting are among the things yet to be perfected. In any event, it was fun and I soon hope to add pool as a fun activity to my limited list of hobbies.


  • Mike on October 24, 2003 ~ 11:11 AM

    esp. if i win dis sunday’s 9-ball tourney. winner gets 2 wks of free pool! wish me luck!

  • Mauriat Miranda on October 24, 2003 ~ 10:22 PM

    Props to you. Good luck. Use your thug super powers to put your opponents in their place! :-)

  • Tai on October 28, 2003 ~ 12:12 PM

    oh man.. don’t feed his “thug” denial syndrome.