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A Hobby

I was having lunch a few weeks ago like normal and the subject of taxes arose. Someone, who was a little new to my lunch crowd, asked if anyone knew of any tax preparation classes that one can take to better learn how to process tax forms. (So this guy needs help with taxes.) I told him my general advice to look online or and obtain information himself. If he's not confident to look to some some software like TurboTax or Taxcut etc. And if he really needs help go to a tax accountant or some financial service and pay for the service and next year use that as your "template". So after yapping all that out, he tells me that it is not for himself but for others. (So he's a nice guy.) I commended him on his charity only to have him comment on my naivete. He wanted to charge for his service.

But of course. His reasoning was that he had lots of spare time and that he should pick up something to do. (Okay, he's a bored guy.) I suggested he persue an interest and cultivate a hobby. He said that he already has hobbies: watching movies and listening to music. Hmmm ... I thought hobbies were recreation, so I told him straight that a passive activity is NOT a hobby. And something like a sport, or collecting, or playing a game - something that involves active participation -- that's what I call a hobby. He agreed, but none of it makes money. Hmmm ... (So, he's looking for money.) So I see the motivation now. I don't know if I understand really. He's a decently paid engineer with a wife who's also well employed, and between the 2 of them (no children) they easily pull 6 figures. I'm not judging (really), just that I don't know if I understand some people.

Persue what truly makes you happy, and hopefully the money will follow. Sure we all make compromises because we need money. However the chances are that through the persuit of money it is highly doubtful that the happiness will follow.

I wanted to end this post right there, but I have been incredibly active (busy!!!) with one of my computer hobbies. It does make me feel like I've accomplished something, and the fact is that the "benefits" do follow.

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  • Mike on March 26, 2006 ~ 11:23 PM

    but i checked, & it doesnt seem like it:

    persue –> pursue
    persuit –> pursuit