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10 Years of Email

It just occurred to me that I started using email almost exactly 10 yrs ago. Being the compulsive weirdo that I am, I actually have them all saved. Why? I have no clue. I guess I'm prepared for when my (future) child will ask me one day: "Dad when did you first have email?" ... Wow 10 yrs. Man have things ever changed.

Once upon a time, I would sit and wonder: "How come no one emails me?". That stage did not take long to pass.

Then some years later, I thought: "People sure rely on this email waaayyy too much. How annoying! Can't you just call me?". That took a little while longer to pass.

Then came the SPAM. And it came. And it hasn't stopped. So I started thinking: "Wow, how is it possible that this many super hot girls get my email???". Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have opened some of those. Goodbye "guaranteed organ growth", hello BULK MAIL folder!

Then came the goodies included in the mails. ... "I Love You?" - umm, not really ... "Code Red?" - should I be scared? ... Anna Kournikova - hmm, tempting, but I'll pass. I wish the rest of the computer users of the world passed too.

Then came the technical emails, the professional emails -- the important stuff. Sending stuff to people higher than you can be intimidating - and worse yet, they take forever to reply or sometimes never. Yeah, well, if they took forever to reply and demanded a quick response from me. Well, you know what I did, I ... well, I responded right away. And at the end of the day I could keep those emails somewhere and not have to mix them with my personal emails.

Which brings me back to all my personal emails. Thousands saved, none of them new. I can't help thinking - how come no one emails me anymore?.

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  • me! on August 20, 2007 ~ 04:04 AM

    to da nearest shrink. so dat he/she can take care of ur digital packrat prob…

  • Matt on November 22, 2007 ~ 04:16 PM

    Where I used to work, I had a manager who printed out every email she had for the last 5 years. It took a few filing cabinets for it, but she could bring back any email and use it to prove that you had said something that contradicted yourself.