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This is the website of Mauriat John Miranda. This is a personal website, but contains many technical writings for Linux and other software.

I am a software engineer by trade and work mostly on data analysis (though in a past life I did embedded systems and network communications).

As a software hobbyist, I have a interest in Linux, web development and open source software. Most of my linux experience is mostly with CentOS (but in a past life I was heavily involved with with Fedora). I have some outdated content in my Resources with some Fedora guides and documentation. I also (kinda-sorta)maintain a linux blog.

As for my web development I mostly work with Javascript and Python (though I do maintain some legacy PHP applications). Previously this site was running LAMP based blogging software but recently I have migrated to Hugo.

I have been attempting to be a good blogger since 2003. If you are here for my personal blog, I thank you for reading.

I am originally from India, and was raised as a Mangalorean Konkan Catholic.

If you would like to send me a message please use my contact page.

Thanks for visiting.